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Hi, my name is Squidgy
Last updated on Monday, Nov 17 2014
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Hi, my name is Cloud
I am a Male German Shepherd. I have found my new home.

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Last updated on Monday, Nov 17 2014
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Hi, my name is Duke & Duchess
I am a Male / Female Boston Terrier. I have been Homed.

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Last updated on Friday, Nov 21 2014
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montego cat
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Last updated on Wednesday, May 28 2014
“Hanni the Bumble-bee Jackson here, parking off with my peeps at DogtownSA: family, a fast car and the open road, now that’s the life! You guys keen on a little Tracy Chapman? I just dig this tune when I’m cruising: So remember when we were driving driving in your car. Speed so fast I felt like I was drunk. City lights lay out before us. And your arm felt nice wrapped 'round my shoulder. And I had a feeling that I belonged. I had a feeling I could be someone, be someone, be someone. You got a fast car? “ Boys will be boys, and this fit fella sure does love his toys: fast cars, rope toys and rubber chewies and he’s sorted! Hanni is really a big ol softie and still a learner driver at DogtownSA. He’s not quite ready to hit the road out to his forever family just yet. While his DogtownSA family teaches Hanni the finer points of navigating through life, he sure would love it if you could pop some bob into his petrolhead fund (there is just no such thing as too many roadtrips or too many rope toys) With some luck and plenty of DogtownSA love and support Hanni hopes find a family and fast car to call his own someday soon.
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Last updated on Friday, Oct 31 2014
My name is Lola and I am one of the “newbies” at this awesome place called DogtownSA. I have to admit this place is changing my life and I have to keep pinching myself to make sure I am not dreaming. My journey has been very bumpy and many times rather frightening. I came from another rescue centre that tried their best to help me but had limited facilities available. Lucky for me, though, they were able to find me a place at DogtownSA. When I arrived I went into a small little run with a garden and a lovely comfortable place to sleep with lots of blankets so I could snuggle right inside and feel really safe and secure. You see I still feel rather nervous of the outside world but I am learning every day that I don’t have to be fearful any more. I get really yummy food and can walk in and around my little garden when I like and I have a lovely hounder to lie on as well. It is so comfortable and I love rolling on my back on this and kicking my legs in the air. Every day I have some super carers who come and sit and talk to me. First it was through the fence cos in the beginning I did not want to come to close and was rather apprehensive of what might happen but I have realized that they don’t mind if I come out or just sit at the front of my igloo. They are very patient with me. When I do come out they are so pleased and smile a lot at me. It makes me feel very special and I am getting more used to them and have even let them touch me. Each day I watch the other furkids go up and down past my run and they always come back so happy and one of them told me it is because they have been for long walks outside and on some days get to go to a big play area where they can run around off lead. That will be the next step for me but my carers are letting me go at my own pace as I still need to get used to everything going on around me. Although I am not ready just yet to leave this marvelous place, I have a dream that in the not too distant future I will find love and friendship at my very own forever home where I can give back all the love and affection I have been so lucky to get at this very special hotel.
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Last updated on Friday, Jul 25 2014
Sheena’s my name and I’m the style and sass of Dogtown SA. Sing it with me: What you want. Baby I got it. What you need. Do you know I got it? All I’m askin’ is for a little respect! R-E-S-P-E-C-T. Find out what it means to me!” Sheena is our glamazon wonder woman: intelligence, agility and stylish swag on four legs! This single momma raised a litter a beautiful puppies and bounced back ready to take on the world. Sheena has learnt to be a bit discerning about the company she keeps (you need to be pretty special to be part of her inner circle), but the loyalty and love she shares with those she trusts is well worth earning. Sheena strives to please and adores showing off her smarts on the training field. Sensational Sheena longs to be the only four-legged family member in your life. So if you’re ready to share your life with this tenacious beauty don’t delay, email adoptions@barkingmad.co.za today!
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Last updated on Friday, Oct 31 2014
Well hello all you great peeps out there – my name is Brad – now before you get toooooo excited I am not The Brad Pitt but in German Shepherd terms I come a close second as I am rather handsome (to say the least!) hehehehe. I had the awful misfortune of running into electric fencing on a property of London Road and getting shocked every time I tried to escape from the wires and ended up just collapsing. Yet as terrified and exhausted as I was little did I realise that the people that rescued me and managed to get me away from the wires were going to take the best care of me. I was taken straight to a super vet who kept me under observation for a few days cos I really did feel very strange and out of sorts. Luckily I started to recover quite quickly and was then moved to this A M A Z I N G hotel called DogtownSA. I have special carers who come and see me many times during the day and I try my best to get them to stay with me for ages cos I really do loooooooove being with people (especially these kind ones). I do get very excited but my carers are so patient with me and gently remind me to calm down and I get given many yummy treats when I do and it does get easier every time. During the day I also have other delicious hooves with peanut butter inside and lovely ice lollies to lick which taste like chicken so I really do get spoilt. I go on great walks and my carer and I go to a large play area where I can run around and play and chase the birds. Because I get so excited on the walk and want to get to sniff and experience everything all at the same time I tend to pull my carer at a fast pace. But she is helping me to learn to slow down and encouraging me to take my time and I am beginning to understand that the things I want to investigate are not going to go away so I can take my time. I really do love all the attention and affection at DogtownSA but my dream would be to find my own forever family. We could all go to doggy school together and continue to learn more obedience skills. I promise to make you very proud of me and be your forever special furry. I will be so pleased to lavish all my love and affection on you every single minute of every day.
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Last updated on Friday, Jul 25 2014
I am Claudia. I am a little afraid of people, although I am slowly learning to be less and less afraid and I am starting to trust some people. I have come a long way, thanks to the help of a special volunteer at DogTown, who just sat with me for ages, and my caregiver who taught me to sit for my food. He also taught me to not be so scared to be touched all the time. I live with two roomies – Yogi and Dex. They are pretty cool and we all get along, but sometimes I need some space, so I get to be alone from time to time. I don’t mind, I usually get some cool treats or yummy dinner! I am very pretty too. I have started going to some training classes to help me a bit, and would love to start a new life with my forever family waiting out there somewhere………
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Last updated on Thursday, May 15 2014
“They call me ‘Bobby the Kid’ round these parts: furry outlaw that lives on the fringes of fun *wink wink*. As a graduate of the school of hard knocks, I’ve seen the dark side of life, and after arriving at DogtownSA I sure aint looking back. I may be a little rough round the edges, and walk with a bit of limp, but the humans here say that’s just part of my swagger. I may have started from the bottom, but things sure are looking up. These humans keep reminding me that I’m master of my destiny” After having to fend for himself on the streets and mend a broken leg without veterinary help, Bobby finally found his way to love and support here at DogtownSA. While he has a lifelong limp, joint support supplements and plenty of DogtownSA love and support ensure that this furry doesn’t miss out on any of the fun. With a keen eye for tomfoolery and mischief, Bobby loves woofing around and is always up for a game with the other pooches here at DogtownSA. After a rough start, Bobby is learning everyday just how awesome humans can be (he thinks they are just too easy to con out of yummy treats, all he needs to do is sit ?) With a little patience, love and guidance Bobby is destined for great things. Are you ready for this furry bandit to steal your heart?
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Last updated on Thursday, Aug 14 2014
Let me introduce myself – I am Gibbs and in March 2014 flew from a rescue facility in Knysna to O R Tambo. I was greeted by just the bestest peeps I had ever met and they took me to this great 5 star Hotel called DogtownSA. I must admit I realized very quickly that I was quite special as I heard these peeps saying that I was very handsome. I don’t want to sound bigheaded but I do have this really lovely thick white and grey fur which keeps me very warm and when people come by to see me they just cuddle me and put their hands through it and sigh and smile and say ahhhhhhhh! I am a Timber Wolf and stand quite a bit taller than the other furries who live at this very special place and feel very lucky and honoured as I have a large fenced off run with a big Wendy house inside so that I have lots of space to move around in and play. When I first arrived I had no idea of what to expect but as soon as I saw my lodgings I was able to relax because, you may not know but Timber Wolves prefer to have a place like a den, where we can go to so that we are able to stay out of the limelight when getting used to new situations as we do prefer to take a little more time to settle in. I used to be on my own but a while back I met this rather pretty little furkid called Athena and now we live together and have lots of fun every day. She is full of energy and sometimes we both get far too excited running in and out of our house and cause quite a stir with all the other furries cos they are not playing with us. I also have heard that many of the “furgirls” are rather jealous of Athena but she is my “gal”. I have a lot more stamina than my “furgal” as I have a very long loping stride that means I can run and play for longer. I get lots of chances to do this because my special carers and some of the great volunteers take both of us to the play area which is a very large fenced off area where we can run and play off lead and have the bestest times ever. We also play games there with our carers and get to practice our obedience skills. I love that part as well because we are given such yummy treats for showing off just how good we are at sits and downs and walking calmly. I really love to scent in the play area as well and also along the trail and do admit that I tend to forget that when I do this I get so carried away and start taking long strides and moving on too quickly to get to the next interesting smell. My carers are helping me to learn that this is not the most desirable behavior and I am trying my best to slow down my pace and stay at heel. I don’t want my poor carer or the super volunteers exhausted cos I have made them jog all along the trail. My problem is that there are so many smells to sniff and I would hate them to disappear before I get to them. Luckily for me everybody is so patient with me and being given such great treats and cuddles inspires me to slow down and I must admit it gets easier every time we go out. I would love to have a forever home where I can continue with my awesome lifestyle and in return I would give my new owners all the love and attention I could possibly muster. If they have a furry or would like my “furkid” to come as well, then that would be the most perfect dream ever.
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Last updated on Tuesday, Jun 10 2014
Hi Im Melanie, you don't really see me much when you visit DogtownSA as I hide away a lot. I don't know why I'm so nervous all I can tell you is if you spend time with me and let me learn to love and trust you it will definitely be worth it. I enjoy walks with my brother, he lives with me her at DogtownSA to so at least I have my brother to help me along and of course my caregivers who have the patience of saints when it comes to me. I told them it would be so worth it and I think they know it. The first day I went on my walk there was a huge celebration :) I felt like the springboks when they won the world cup and all I did was go for a walk. Its the little things that make these humans happy :) so before you know it I will be the social butterfly of the town :)hee hee, well maybe not but its my dream and Ive been told at DogtownSA doggies dreams come true <3
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Last updated on Monday, Nov 17 2014
I have a question for all you amazing peeps out there – how would you like to have a handsome and happy (what a mixture!!!) four-legged furrie companion and his special furlady, whose tails are always wagging and ready at the drop of a “lead” to go on walks, whenever you want to go or, if you prefer, just to sit with you and keep you company? Well Bianca and I am your furries. My name is Keith and I am waiting for you at DogtownSA. I may not be quite as famous as Keith Richards and don’t have his musical skills but I can certainly try and howl out a tune or two for you. Nowadays I am such a happy guy and want to tell everybody about the angels Bianca and I have met at this special Hotel called DogtownSA. You see previously Bianca, and I were being treated badly and having to keep out of the way of humans but that has all changed and with the wonderful help of the carers at DogtownSA we have both learnt to trust and live life to the fullest again. We don’t have to hide away and are treated with such care and attention we sometimes think we have visited another planet or special star in the sky. Every day we get spoilt with yummy food and during the day have treats and visits from our special carers and volunteers coming by our house to see us and best of all take out for walks. Our carers come and sit with us and ask us to do little exercises and for that we get treats. How cool is that. Bianca, who is the prettiest furkid ever, is my true love and my dream is that we could both stay together in our forever home. She is still rather shy and takes a while to get to know strangers but she is a bright little girl and knows I will never let her get hurt again. Previously I protected her and made sure she was safe and so we really are a very loving couple and being together will make our dreams come true. I can assure you that the special family who will have us in their home will get soooooooooo much love and attention from us both and never be bored playing with us that we will all have many years of fun and happiness together.
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Last updated on Friday, Jun 27 2014
“Sup Barking Madders, Michael’s my name! Life has thrown me all kinds of curveballs but I reckon we should all just turn our frowns upside down and keep smiling! In the poetic words of my comedic colleagues Monty Python: If life seems jolly rotten. There's something you've forgotten, And that's to laugh and smile and dance and sing. When you're feeling in the dumps. Don't be silly chumps. Just purse your lips and whistle - that's the thing. And...always look on the bright side of life... Always look on the light side of life...” Mike always has a smile ready to brighten up our days at Dogtown SA, he has so much love to share with his Dogtown SA humans. Mike just needs a little Dogtown SA help to be a more social fella with his four legged canine compadres before he is ready to set off into the sunset with his forever family. Keep a smile on Michael’s dial and sponsor his stay at Dogtown SA ?
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Last updated on Monday, Apr 28 2014
“Bonsoir je m'appelle Coco, for those of you who don’t parlez vous Français, you may address me as Mademoiselle Coco. I live by the creed of my glorious namesake Coco Chanel: ‘In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different.’ “ Our enigmatic diva Coco is not bound by cuddly canine stereotypes, while she loves floating through the doggie social scene and charming the four-legged furry gents of DogtownSA with her elegant mystique, Coco is very discerning about the humans she allows into her inner circle. Coco isn’t quite ready to relinquish her role as Madamoiselle of DogtownSA; she is still in need of some DogtownSA finishing school finesse. Every diva needs her entourage and fans; Coco would sure love for you to sponsor her stay at DogtownSA. After all she needs to be kept in the style and comfort to which she is accustomed until she is ready to find a forever family to call her own. The DogtownSA team sends their gratitude in advance in behalf of this cheeky furkid!
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Last updated on Tuesday, Jul 15 2014
I am adorable. So I have been told. I have the cutest little wrinkles on my forehead and my nutty trainer kisses them and tells me she just can’t help herself because I am SO cute! I am compact and cute – you can’t beat that!!! I have to say that I have two names, as Patrick is SO formal, so I am also known as “Pudding”. I live with “Porgie” and “Pie”, aka George and Zack – and us three “dogskasteers” rule our run. I have absolute faith that out there is a special person who will see that I am indeed as sweet as Pudding and as noble as my name Patrick suggests. I am both loving and strong you know – like all guys should be. I may be a little short, buy I am taller than some dogs, so I don’t let that get me down. Come by and kiss me soon.
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Last updated on Monday, Jun 09 2014
Ok peepsicles, I don't know why but I have been here since I was a wee puppy and somehow I have been overlooked. My caregiver tells me I'm beautiful and there should be families clamoring to adopt me but they always seem to want a puppy or a mature dog. I seem to be at an age where I'm too young or too old. I'm appealing to you all to look at me and see I am just a girl standing in front of a human asking you to love me. I love walks and to play games, so I'm hoping to be a part of a family that wants a dog to go jogging with and to have fun in the garden. At the moment I live with the crazy that is Tristan and he's a handful, so I'm hoping if there is a furkid in the family that they like to play and also know when to just chill. I'm trying to teach my roomie that at the moment but he seriously does not have an off switch.Soooo if you would like to come and meet me please email adoptions@barkingmad.co.za. To know me is to love me <3 * Unable to adopt Kansas? Then please show your love and support by SMS’ing DOG to 38919. Your donation will go towards caring for the dogs of Barking Mad’s DogtownSA. SMS costs R10, all SA networks.
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Last updated on Tuesday, Oct 14 2014
My name is Rusty and I came to DogtownSA when unfortunately my previous owners had to move into a flat and had no space for me. Luckily for me my owners were able to find a new place for me to live at called DogtownSA and this has turned out to be a much better place than I could have wished for. I must say, in the beginning I was rather wary as well as a little suspicious of all the attention I started receiving but soon learnt that this was all part of the care and rehabilitation programme that was to be implemented for me to help me to find my forever family in the future. One of the bestest treats is being taken out for long walks and regularly going to a large play area where I was able to run around off lead, play ball and games with my carer. I also practice and show off my obedience skills that I am learning, as well as going over agility equipment and it is such fun being able to do this and when I do these exercises I get spoilt with yummy treats and cuddles which I am love. There are times as well when I get to meet other furries in the play area and that is also great fun. I just have to remember not to be too excited at first and jump too high for joy so I am learning to take the games a wee bit slower until the other furries get used to my playful ways. I really do love being at DogtownSA and being treated so well but my dream would be to find my own forever family. We could all go to doggy school together and continue to learn more obedience skills. I promise to make you very proud of me and be your forever special furry. I will be so pleased to lavish all my love and affection on you every single minute of every day.
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Last updated on Friday, Nov 07 2014
More information about Pippa to follow shortly...
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Last updated on Monday, Nov 24 2014
Dog Town
LOCATION - JOHANNESBURG, The lady who bought Murphy into the vet said she had been trying to catch him for days but on Friday he finally collapsed so she could pick him up & bring him in. Murphy is emaciated & covered in mange - he is now being treated for the mange which will take a few weeks to heal. He is being fed good food which will help with weight gain. Right now, he is not allowed to be near other dogs & cats but he hasn't shown any aggression when he does see other dogs. Murphy will be vaccinated, dewormed & chipped - he will be sterilised once he has recovered from the mange.
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Last updated on Friday, Nov 21 2014
Dog Town
LOCATION - PRETORIA, This dear older Husky x was found next to Solomon Mahlangu Dr (Hans Strydomweg), between Garstfontein and Rubenstein Streets in Pretoria East. He is in good condition but was very tired when found.He is mainly black with brown eyes. Please network and share him extensively. His rescuer couldn't keep him, and we HAVE to find his owners before Tuesday 25 November. CONTACT CELIA: 082 569 2663 OR NICOLE: 082 323 8545
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URGENT APPEAL - Avalon Pure Fireworks Spray - ongoing
Last updated on Monday, Oct 27 2014
Dog Town
Avalon Pure Fireworks Spray uses organic extracts to inhibit
neurotransmitters in the brain and naturally calm your dog. It has little
sedative effect and your dog will remain alert but with significantly
reduced anxiety., and without chemicals.

Check out the website on - http://hopeful.ws/avalon/fireworks.htm
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BARKING NEWS - training trail
Last updated on Wednesday, Aug 28 2013
Dog Town

Training Trail

 DogtownSA has recently set up a Training Trail for all the special fur kids to learn how to be clever and  well -behaved.

The concept behind the trail is to teach the dogs some basic manners while the staff and  volunteers are giving  them their daily walks.   There are six basic stations where the handler will stop with their dogs,  read the instructions on the sign posts and then, using lots of treats like pieces of polony or Vienna sausages, teach the fur kids  the basic commands as shown on the posts. 

Level 3 volunteers are taught during their workshop how to implement these exercises and other pertinent  skills such as how to teach the dog not to pull whilst out walking.   These skills can also be used by the volunteers whilst interacting with their own dogs.

Apart from creating a more well mannered dog the interaction with the handler stimulates the dog and helps him/her to become more socialized and confident.

The first dog to officially go on the walking trail was one of our little puppies called Mary and she astonished us all at the speed at which she learnt how to execute all the basic instructions.   She also displayed a remarkable tenacity to try and hoodwink the handler into giving her an extra treat or two!!!

What also spurs the” littlies” on is that the handlers get so excited when they perform their  tasks so well  that they get even more treats and cuddles and as we all know – the more we all show just how much we love our dogs the more they want to please us.

Good manners makes the dogs more adoptable and the learning is fun for both the handler and the dogs.

The walking trail is a good mechanism to teach the dogs as they are learning basic manners without being in  a formal training class and it is hoped that the number of “task stations” can be increased in the near future, to include more advanced exercises.


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FUNDRAISING - Border Collie Rescue Appeal - 20/5
Last updated on Thursday, Nov 20 2014
Dog Town




Please spare us a few minutes of your time to read this, it may change the lives of two precious innocent dogs that are in our care at Border Collie Rescue. Please consider helping us to help them.


These are Mulligan and Duff and this is their sad story. They have asked us to write this appeal on their behalf. Border Collie Rescue is desperate for assistance, to help them make a full recovery! Please look at our photos they are not a pretty sight, but we hope their story will have a happy ending tail.




As written by Sonja Alberts (Owners niece):


“Their story started about 1 1/2 Years ago when their stray mother showed up on a farm in North West.  Nobody knew she was pregnant and the owner of the farm took her in.  She gave birth about 2 months later to a litter of 5 puppies.  The owner of the farm decided to keep two and gave the other puppies away together with their mother to whoever came.

The owner was very keen and very protective over the two puppies but every other dog he ever had, died due to biliary fever.  So he decided to lock the two puppies in the outside room to keep them from getting sick.  Every morning and every evening he went there to give them fresh food and water but they never had the privilege to see the outside world. They were kept in that outside room for a year and a half, not being in contact with any human besides the owner of the farm, and that was only twice a day. When the owner of the farm passed away, the dogs were left all by themselves.  The owner's brother started going there leaving the outside room's door open for the dogs to explore their new environment.  They never left that room seeing that it was the only place they ever knew.  They were petrified of humans. They were so hungry for attention and love but had no clue on how to approach anybody who could give it to them.” 

Border Collie Rescue SA were contacted and this is how their journey of a long recovery is starting. Our volunteers came to take the dogs some 250kms away to start their new life. 

It is heartbreaking to see in what conditions these two poor souls lived.

Thanks to Border Collie Rescue SA they now have a fair chance, but we need your help to make this happen. Border Collie Rescue has reached financial constrains as most of our reserves have been used to build extra quarantine kennels and exercise runs for all the dogs coming into rescue as we just did not have enough capacity to keep up with the intake of dogs.

The average costs to run Border Collie Rescue are no less than R80 000 a month. This covers the kennel fees, sterilization, vaccinations and veterinary care. The dedicated volunteers take no salary and spend large amounts of their own money in keeping BCR alive. Money raised at our fundraising events only lasts a little while and now we really need your help to help Mulligan and Duff.


PLEASE would you kindly consider helping us?


If you would like to donate and help Mulligan and Duff and BCR, find attached our banking details:


NPO 006 620         

Border Collie Rescue

Standard Bank Northgate

Account 226 387 399


Tax receipts can be issued for donation on requests.


Please use M&D (Mulligan & Duff) as reference and as we would like to thank you personally for the donations received. You can mail your proof of payment to us on:



Since 1997 BCR has re-homed approximately 6500 dogs. We salute all of you who have given them the “pawfect furever” homes. We thank you, our loyal donors and “suppawters”, without you, none of this would be “pawsable”.  


Please also check out all our four-legged friends that are waiting for their second chance on our website: www.bordercollierescue.co.za



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Last updated on Wednesday, Nov 04 2009
Please can you put on your web site the current scam on teacup terriers, they say that they have moved to Botswana and just need the airfare to ship the puppy over. Once you have dep the money, they need more money for quarantine, This is big, I lost R3000.00, and found another three operators on gum tree, all basically saying the same thing.

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Featured Event:
SMS DOG to 38919
Event Details
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Puppies bite. Puppy biting and mouthing is natural. Since they do not have hands and opposing thumbs they use their mouths to play and investigate.

When you observe a litter of puppies there is a lot of mouthing going on. When pup bites too hard, his littermates yelp and stop playing with him.  The pup quickly learns that when he bites too hard, his buddies wont play with him, so he chooses to use a softer mouth on them. This is called Bite Inhibition and is an important lesson for the pup.

Forbidding a young puppy from biting altogether may offer immediate and temporary relief, but it is potentially dangerous because your puppy will not learn that his jaws can inflict pain. Puppy must be taught to inhibit the force of his bites (Ian Dunbar)

That cute little nibble will not be cute anymore once the puppy has grown into an adult. They need to learn this before they are four months old.

Teach your puppy to trust you this is necessary to tech your puppy about bite inhibition.
NEVER hit, slap or shout at the puppy, physical punishment will lose that trust. It will not stop the puppy from biting it will only scare and confuse him.

Make sure you are not reinforcing his biting behaviour. Grabbing the mouth and shouting at him is actually reinforcing him by giving him attention being that negative attention.

We need to teach puppy that while mouthing is ok he must stop when asked to , mouthing should only be initiated by you. We must teach puppy that he must not hurt you and he must know that he must not exert pressure at all when biting.
If your puppy is biting/ mouthing with pressure you must simply say “ouch” and turn away from him for 5 seconds and pretend to be licking your wounds, then return to the pup and say gently. This will teach the pup what his mother and littermates would have done and he will realise that when he bites his fun to goes away. The severity of the “ouch” must match the severity of the bite

If your pup acknowledges your "ouch" and stops biting, praise him and lure him to offer a different behaviour and offer him a yummy treat. If your pup ignores the "ouch" and continues biting, yelp "Owwwww!" and leave the room. Your puppy has lost his playmate. Return after a minute timeout and make up by lure-rewarding your puppy to come, sit, lie down, and calm down, before resuming play.
If puppy gets aroused by the ouch sound and has not decreased his biting after 3 attempts in a row, END your play session and try again later on in the day.
Even once your pup's biting no longer hurts, pretend that it does. Greet harder nips with a yelp of pseudo-pain. Your puppy will soon get the idea that humans are super sensitive.

The pressure of your puppy's bites will progressively decrease. Once your pup exerts NO pressure when mouthing, only then, teach him to reduce the frequency of his mouthing. Teach your pup that mouthing is ok until you request him to stop. Give him the command  ”leave”
Each time your pup stops mouthing reward him and begin playing again. Remember to give clear indication to your pup when your play/training session has ended. “All done”
Be persistent and consistent.
Reference: Dr Ian Dunbars Good little dog book (page 96-100)
And www.siriuspup.com