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Hi, my name is MISSING: 2x dogs
I am a Male Dalmatian, Weimaraner.

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Hi, my name is Jade
I am a Female - spayed Sharpei. I have found my new home.

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Hi, my name is Stella
I am a Female Border Collie. I have been Homed.

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Last updated on Tuesday, Apr 15 2014
Philip or Phillipe as he likes to be called is a ball of love. His ideal day is to sit on the couch or even better to sit on your lap on the couch and be told just how handsome he is. Never one to complain when his visitors come laden with treats and toys. Its not long before he has managed to convince one of us to put on his harness and take him out to update his fieldbook status. He has his standards to keep tough so sometimes he takes a while to warm up to new people but once he has, boy do you have a friend for life <3 If you cannot adopt our Phillipe please would you consider sponsoring him.
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Last updated on Thursday, Apr 04 2013
More information to follow shortly... * Unable to adopt Lady? Then please show your love and support by SMS’ing DOG to 38919. Your donation will go towards caring for the dogs of Barking Mad’s DogtownSA. SMS costs R10, SA networks only.
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Last updated on Wednesday, Jul 17 2013
More information to follow shortly...
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Last updated on Thursday, Aug 29 2013
I know what your thinking, he has the most adorable face, right ? Can you believe this handsome fella was abandoned? Neither can we,he has everything you could wish for in a family member. Yeah he's a little older but bonus he's got rid of all that puppy craziness and manic energy supply. He just wants to kick back on the couch with you. He's really versatile to, if he's watching a movie with a lady he can appreciate a really good rom com, but if its an action pack movie your into he's up for that to. As long as you are there next to his side he's a happy ole boy. This gentle giant would love a home to call his own. Could you be his best friend?
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Last updated on Thursday, Feb 27 2014
Ethan is the kind of dog that would prefer a quiet night in than a night out on the town. So he is looking for a calm home that will love and cherish him. He enjoys spending time with his furkind it's the non furpeeps he takes time to warm up to. Ethan has received much TLC, socialising and positive interaction here at Dogtown and is flourishing into an affectionate chap, who enjoys going for walks and being made a fuss of. He lives with one of our complicated ladies here at the centre, he takes loving and caring for his fur companion very serious :) Ethan needs a caring and understanding family to reach his full potential – until that day comes along, he has a loving home at DogTownSA.
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Last updated on Wednesday, Jul 31 2013
Storm was found trapped in a storm water channel; exhausted, hungry and petrified - it took his rescuers three days to get him out of the waterway and bring him to a place of safety. Luckily for Storm, he eventually made it out and was brought to DogtownSA for rehabilitation. Storm is an introvert at heart and his confidence relies with the dogs that are his friends. He has flourished at DogtownSA and is now an endearing, gentle and lovable dog. He is still a bit bashful and wary around strangers, but once he grows to know and trust you, you have made a friend for life! Storm enjoys going for walks and would need a home with a confident, friendly, four-legged friend to be his role model. He would be a loyal companion and devoted best friend in a gentle, reassuring home.
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Last updated on Thursday, Aug 29 2013
There's something about Daisy :) Apart from her beauty she is such a loving girl. She's definitely a one man woman. Looking for a pawfect human who will take her on her morning jog, let her update her status on the facebook for dogs (the park) then head on home for a breakfast puzzle and a nice relaxing snooze. She loves her food puzzles and wastes no time at all in working out how to get that food into her belly.She will be that happy face when you get home from work, egging you on to change into your tracksuit for your evening stroll together. So if you are looking for the prefect lady to work out with this is your gal.
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Last updated on Sunday, Jul 28 2013
Bobbie was rescued from an abusive home and brought to DogtownSA. She is an endearing, responsive, gentle-natured and bashful girl, who has flourished since being at DogtownSA and thrives with love, TLC and reassurance. Ideally, she needs an understanding family who will be able to help her nurture her self-confidence. Bobbie enjoys the companionship of gentle dogs and would be a loyal best friend, if only given the chance! * Unable to adopt Bobbie? Then please show your love and support by SMS’ing DOG to 38919. Your donation will go towards caring for the dogs of Barking Mad’s DogtownSA. SMS costs R10, SA networks.
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Last updated on Wednesday, Nov 20 2013
Tarzan is king of our little Jozi jungle at DogtownSA. There is never a dull moment with this eager adventurer, he is always ready to swing into action: either for a long walk, some fun tricks to impress his humans or even some cuddles and tummy rubs on his couch. After a slightly manic start, Tarzan has been learning to take life a little slower and take time to sniff and lick the liver spread so to speak. At DogtownSA, Tarzan is a gastronomic guru, he always has his nose out to sniff out the best treats. Ever the ladies man, Tarzan also enjoys strutting his stuff for the pretty four-legged ladies. All Tarzan needs now is a family of his own to conquer and shower with love. Could that be with you?
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Last updated on Wednesday, May 08 2013
Scarlett was rescued from a township by CLAW (Community-Led Animal Welfare) and brought to DogtownSA to find a new home. She has had a hard start to life and deserves a happily-ever-after! She is an endearing, attentive, lovable and sensitive girl, who is still a little shy and wary of strangers, but is oh so loving once she gets to know you. Scarlett longs for TLC, reassurance and to be adopted by a loving, mature family, preferably without young children, but a male dog to keep her company. Can you make her fairytale come true? * Unable to adopt Scarlett? Then please show your love and support by SMS’ing DOG to 38919. Your donation will go towards caring for the dogs of Barking Mad’s DogtownSA. SMS costs R10, SA networks only.
Last updated on Monday, Mar 03 2014
Dog Town
LOCATION - CAPE TOWN, A small, dainty Chow left behind when her owner went to Canada and said he would send for her! She is small, dainty, sweet natured, good with kids and has gone from a blob of a dog to a friendly girl who could make a great family pet or a companion to an elderly person. She will still grow with love and attention. She has not been spayed - this will be done before homing. At first she was very timid and frightened but now she stands up to the other 5 dogs in my care and enjoys being part of a pack. She would also thrive in a home with a stay at home mom or dad.
Last updated on Friday, Jul 13 2012
Dog Town
LOCATION - JOHANNESBURG, My moms dog went missing this morning it’s a male Yorkie, name is Smartie very friendly just over 3 and a half years old and a real spoiled baby so he would be quite scared being away from home without my mom!! He is not fixed, his hair is quite long please find attached a foto of him, he does not have a chip!! Please will you help us, he went missing 2 day in Krugersdorp West harmony street!! REWARD OFFERED FOR SAFE RETURN
URGENT APPEAL - Daxie Rescue Foster Appeal
Last updated on Wednesday, Sep 25 2013
Dog Town
BARKING NEWS - training trail
Last updated on Wednesday, Aug 28 2013
Dog Town

Training Trail

 DogtownSA has recently set up a Training Trail for all the special fur kids to learn how to be clever and  well -behaved.

The concept behind the trail is to teach the dogs some basic manners while the staff and  volunteers are giving  them their daily walks.   There are six basic stations where the handler will stop with their dogs,  read the instructions on the sign posts and then, using lots of treats like pieces of polony or Vienna sausages, teach the fur kids  the basic commands as shown on the posts. 

Level 3 volunteers are taught during their workshop how to implement these exercises and other pertinent  skills such as how to teach the dog not to pull whilst out walking.   These skills can also be used by the volunteers whilst interacting with their own dogs.

Apart from creating a more well mannered dog the interaction with the handler stimulates the dog and helps him/her to become more socialized and confident.

The first dog to officially go on the walking trail was one of our little puppies called Mary and she astonished us all at the speed at which she learnt how to execute all the basic instructions.   She also displayed a remarkable tenacity to try and hoodwink the handler into giving her an extra treat or two!!!

What also spurs the” littlies” on is that the handlers get so excited when they perform their  tasks so well  that they get even more treats and cuddles and as we all know – the more we all show just how much we love our dogs the more they want to please us.

Good manners makes the dogs more adoptable and the learning is fun for both the handler and the dogs.

The walking trail is a good mechanism to teach the dogs as they are learning basic manners without being in  a formal training class and it is hoped that the number of “task stations” can be increased in the near future, to include more advanced exercises.


FUNDRAISING - Sponsor a Feral
Last updated on Monday, Jun 04 2012
Dog Town

Thoughts from a stray (Hilda Lunn)

Will she be waiting when I call?
Sometimes I come in vain,
And sit for hours with folded paws
In sunshine and in rain.

It's not that I have other things
To do but wait and yet
I sometimes feel unhappy
In case she should forget.

For many years I've called each day
With hunger, thirst and hope,
She is the only friend I have
Who gives me strength to cope.

Although I've always lived alone,
And sleep beneath the sky,
I need to know that someone cares
If I should live or die.

A R50 monthly sponsorship to a kitty colony of your choice is all it will take to
keep us purrrrring! You will change our lives forever and we’ll keep you
updated every month on how we …. and most importantly our full tummies ….
are doing.

Sometimes our barking friends need a little food and Tricha helps them too.
We aren’t jealous because they’re just as furry and friendly as we are. Can you
help them too?

Tricha uses 1000kg of cat food and 90kg of dog food per month. We receive
donations of 300kgs of cat food per month but there is a shortfall of 700kgs of
cat food and 60kgs of dog food per month. If we work out the amount of food
our tummy’s need every month, it works out to 2 – 2.5kg per tummy per
month. If you sponsored R50 per month, that will feed a cat for one month.
Yummy yum …. We’re excited again!!!!

To get us purrrrring again just…
…follow these 3 easy steps!

Email Tricha to confirm which colony you have selected to assist - the choices are the Potch colony, Salon colony, Rosslyn colony and many underpriviledged families.

When donating, please use your email address as reference.

And then sit back and relax - because you have made a difference!

Oh ... PS ... please don't forget about our barking friends!

Did You Know?

That you can visit us with Tricha any time you wish? There is just no space to fit
all of our pics into this newsletter so come and meet us in person. We would
love to say a purrry thank you ... oh, and a woof in our best doggy accents ...
for helping us!

Tricha and The Ferals cannot even begin to thank you enough!

Best Wishes & Purrs,

Tricha & The Ferals


Last updated on Wednesday, Nov 04 2009
Please can you put on your web site the current scam on teacup terriers, they say that they have moved to Botswana and just need the airfare to ship the puppy over. Once you have dep the money, they need more money for quarantine, This is big, I lost R3000.00, and found another three operators on gum tree, all basically saying the same thing.

Featured Event:
SMS DOG to 38919
Event Details
Last updated on Friday, Mar 15 2013
SMS DOG to 38919
By sending an sms you help us take care of a rescue dog for a day. Not bad for just R10. If each of our South African supporters could SMS DOG to 38919 once a month our monthly bills would be covered :) Please share and ask all you friends to help us take care of our beautiful doggies :)
Hi, my name is SONNY
I am a Male - neutered Mix Breed. Would you like to sponsor me?

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Show your support
When your dog steals something do you chase after him trying to get it back?  
Don’t play this game of chase anymore.  You are reinforcing an unwanted behaviour. The more attention you give him for stealing something, the more he’ll steal.    
As long as it’s not dangerous ignore him when he steals something, he’ll stop pretty soon if there is no reinforcement involved. Write the incident off to your mistake, as you are the one who left it lying around in the first place. Remember prevention is better than cure.
Make sure he can’t get to items, which are off-limits. Keep tables and counters completely free of food and other fun chewables; keep the laundry out of your dogs reach for several months until he no longer looks there for fun.  He is stealing this stuff to entertain himself so rather have plenty of yummy chew treats to keep him busy and make sure he is getting exercise and his mind is being stimulated with fun games. If your dog has stolen something you need to take back. Don’t just take the article from him this will only teach him that when he has his fun toy and you come towards him, his fun is going to stop and he will begin to hide with his stolen items. Instead offer him something much better a great big yummy chew toy, not only will he drop the stolen item for you to get back but he will be occupied with this new yummy treat and he will completely forget his stolen item. This will also make him happy when he sees you approaching because good things come from you.

Reference: (page (110)
The new dog owner’s guide to  Positive reinforcement puppy training – Suzanne L. Harris