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Hi, my name is Wiggles
I am a Female Spaniel X Dachshund.

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Last updated on Friday, Aug 22 2014
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Hi, my name is Benji
I am a Male - neutered Schnauzer. I have found my new home.

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Last updated on Friday, Aug 22 2014
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Hi, my name is Pointer & Boerboel
I am a Female - spayed Pointer, Boerboel. I have been Homed.

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Last updated on Wednesday, Aug 27 2014
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montego banner family
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Last updated on Monday, Jun 23 2014
Hi there. My name is Elizabeth and I would love to meet you so that I can show off my talents to you and sing my favorite song!! You see I know my name is really rather regal and you might well think of Queen Elizabeth but I am much more fun! I am just like the Beatles song from the old days called “Dizzy Miss Lizzy” hehehehe. Yes, sireé, honestly the words from the song realllllllyyyy do describe me very well. So rather than just imagining that I am singing them to you why not come and meet me at DogtownSA and I will try my best to “sing” to you, even though it might be a little out of tune!!! Here I go “You make me dizzy, Miss Lizzy, The way you rock and roll, you make me dizzy, Miss Lizzy, when we do the stroll. Come on, Miss Lizzy, Love me before I grow too old.” I must admit that whilst I sing I run around in my garden with my boyfriend Hawkey and because he is paralysed from the middle of his spine, I have devised a type of rock and roll dance that we can do together. At times I do make him a little too dizzy cos I have so much energy whilst I am dancing but he doesn’t mind, he tells me that he loves to see me so happy and showing off. You see when I first arrived I was very frightened of people as I had come from a very scary place and just wanted to hide away. This amazing hotel DogtownSA has, with the aid of very super carers and volunteers helped me to learn to trust again and realize that I do not have to hide from anything. Now I am full of energy and smile all the time. I also know I need to make up for my “fur-man” not being able to do the moves so easily and he has told me he just loves watching me wriggle my body around and giving him lots of big grins. At times I tend to get a little too excited and jump up and down trying to get the moves spot on. My dream is to find a forever home with humans who would take great delight in dancing with me and training and teaching me groovy “lady like “moves and I will always try my best to make you very proud of taking me into your home.
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Last updated on Monday, Jun 02 2014
My name is Princess and I consider myself one of the luckiest furkids on the block. You see when I was younger I used to dream of living in a place where I would be given yummy food and treats, meet people who would treat me with kindness and have furry friends to play with and even be able to go on walks together. Unfortunately this was completely opposite to my real life but then suddenly my Fairy Godmother came along and guess what my dream came true!!!!! It all happened after I had been hurt by one of those strange things that travel fast on the roads and somebody took me to a place where I was given help for my very sore wounds on my leg and because this place could only keep me for a short time, they called a very special “Doggy hotel” called DogtownSA to see if they had any vacancies. My luck was really changing because they did and I was taken there and my wishes started to come true. I now know what the name Princess means cos I have been treated like one ever since I arrived!!!! I have a great variety of food and treats and live with a very spunky little Jack Russell called Bolt and we run around our garden, chasing the ball and having many games during the day. Even though my leg gets a little stiff sometimes in the cooler mornings and evenings, I can still give him a good run for his money chasing the ball, so he has to be very quicker to get there first. The last part of my dream that I believe is waiting for me, just around the corner, would be to live in a “forever” home with a family who will give me their love and affection and if they have a fellow furkid or even two, we could all live together.
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Last updated on Friday, Jul 25 2014
Hi peeps my name is Archer and unfortunately my act of being cupid and sending arrows of love fared well for the humans but didn’t fare so well for me. My owner ‘s beau had a dog that didn’t see eye to eye with me and unfortunately when they moved in together, this obviously caused a bit of tension. So being the truly gallant and chivalrous young furkid, I took the option to move on so that they could enjoy their new home together. At first things weren’t so good and I spent some time in a boarding kennel but just when I was feeling very disheartened my fate changed and I was brought to this very special 5 star hotel called DogtownSA which caters for furkids who need a little bit of extra help to get back on their four paws. Initially I had no idea of what to expect and was very nervous and shouted at the furries nearby to leave me alone. I was also apprehensive of the peeps because I was missing my owner. But gradually as I settled in I knew I was going to be safe. I am really lucky as I have very special carers who come and talk to me, sit with me, bring me great toys and best of all take me for walks. I get so excited that I find it difficult to contain myself and jump up and down showing off and getting rather too animated cos I feel as if I am about to burst with joy. I know I have to control this and my carers are being very gentle with me so that I learn how to behave correctly. I am also learning not to shout so much to the other visitors and they give me suuuppper doopper treats for behaving more calmly. My carers are teaching me that pulling is not a desirable behaviour while out walking and I am learning very quickly to take it slower and with the good instruction I am receiving I will soon be happily walking along at my carer’s side. When we get to the play area we play lots of ball games which I really love and what is so great is that the better behaved I am the longer we get to stay and play. I am just the luckiest furry there is!!! One of my other favourite things is my breakfast in the morning as it comes in a very special big slow feeder that has lots of little mounds in it filled with food and I have great fun getting all the yummy pieces out. I love these types of toys and have great fun pushing this one all over my little garden. My dream is to once again live in a forever home with a family on which I can lavish my love and appreciation especially if frequent walks and games could also be part of my new way of life. I would also like to continue with my obedience classes and if I could have a fellow furkid as well that would complete my lifelong dream!
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Last updated on Tuesday, Jun 10 2014
Hi my name is TOTO - I am named after a band for their Song about rains in Africa. I like that idea, because my name really suits my cool camouflage coat. I am SO gorgeous, as I keep getting told. Whatever that means. I am super bright too, so my trainer says. She laughed at me so much because I have a great sense of humour and when I do something I do it with all my heart. I am really lovable, I adore being with people - all people, even children. I love being brushed,it makes me feel sooooooo good. I enjoy the odd bone, or chew, and really love my meal times. I am actually a very relaxed girl, you can even take my bowl away while I am eating and I dont mind. I remember to sit,and wait politely. I kind of like cats, but I also want to play with them, so I think that maybe soft toys are better for me - my trainer says I am allowed to play with those. I am a great looking gal, and very kind, I know a lot of tricks, and I am clicker trained, so I can learn all sorts of things! I would love to have a special family to look after.
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Last updated on Monday, Jun 02 2014
“Bark out loud Barking Madders, Butch is the name and if your party has food I’m game! If you’re looking for a life filled with licks, love and loyalty you’ve come to the right place! Go on call my agent on adoptions@barkingmad.co.za” Relax, take it eeeeeeeeaaasy is Butch’s mantra here at DogtownSA! This goofball tends to get a little caught up in the moment: he tries experiencing everything life has to offer all at once! After a life of neglect we can hardly blame his enthusiasm. Here at DogtownSA Butch has been learning to take a more laidback approach to life: long walks, laughs with friends and leisurely meals are the order of the day. This handsome fella would make an awesome addition to a furry family (without any felines) you ready to live the good life with our main man Butch?
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Last updated on Tuesday, Jun 03 2014
Hi there guys my name is ROCKY. No not the boxer from the movies but a more handsome and impressive boytjie who, from the first moment you meet, all you want to do is give me oodles of cuddles and play games with me. You see, just like the boxer, I learnt that life gives you lots of challenges and they can be real tough. So I’m gonna tell you a few things about my life and what I have learnt since I came to this “real beaut of a place called DogtownSA”. You are goin’ to be reeeal jealous of what special treatment my carers have given me and how well they care for me. Unfortunately, I lost out on a lot of things at the beginning of my life and just like Rocky Balboa learnt that the world “ ain’t all sunshine and rainbows” it can be a mean and nasty place. Some scary mean dogs attacked me and hurt me real bad so I ended up in quite a state but lucky for me, my then “human” knew I needed some special care. He had heard of this unique 5-Star hotel that would take care of dudes like me. I was rather scared at first, so put on my brave face and even tried to look a bit scary and kept telling myself that I would be okay and things were going to change for me. Well guys, for once I was right. Quickly I found out that my fears were totally unfounded as the DogtownSA family took me in and treated me better that I had ever dreamed was possible. I was given my own garden to live in and had lots of people coming to see me and give me yummy treats and as if that wasn’t enough also take me for regular long walks. On some days I go to the play area and can run around without a lead and spend time sniffing in the bushes, playing ball with my handlers and have the bestest fun imaginable. I have been at Dogtownsa for quite some time and was hoping that maybe one of yous really good guys out there would be able to sponsor my stay and help keep me and support all these great carers at this hotel to continue to make sure dudes like me have a safe place to call home.
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Last updated on Tuesday, Jun 10 2014
Sasha is my name and glamour is my game. I am such a special princess, that I dont need any other dogs around to dim my light. I may one day decide to tolerate some, but I am quite convinced that its just not part of who I am. Humans however........oh yeah - i love you lot! And couches. And soft blankets, and all the things a princess deserves. I love my chews and toys and i adore adore adore bones. Keeps me happy for ages. I love being groomed of course, and I have to have special eye drops every day to keep my eyes sparkling. I don't mind at all - that's the price of beauty. I am happy to live indoors as the outdoor dust messes with my appearance, and dust just messes up my mascara. I am very willing to do all sorts of things for a treat too, because - oh! I do love the fine things in life! Finely chopped bits of chicken work so well (and are low fat - a girls gotta watch her waist line.......) I am very clean and tidy. I don't mess up my blankets like SOME of the other residents here.....tch tch. I don't really need a lot.....just love and some peace. If you don't pay attention to me, I may remind you that I am there......after all, all of us need some reminding to pass along a hug and a kiss don't we?
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Last updated on Monday, Jun 02 2014
“Sheriff Sammy, reporting for duty. Chuck Norris step aside, I’m the law round these parts! It’s a tough job but someone’s gotta do it. I’m keeping the streets of Dogtown SA safe so every dog can have their play.” Our sweet boy Sammy has a bit of a chip on his shoulder and takes a little while to trust newcomers. He is the self-appointment Sheriff of the rehab section here at DogtownSA. When he’s not out patrolling the streets of DogtownSA he’s stretching out on the couch with his lady Scarlett. Sammy still needs a DogtownSA helping hand learning to trust and accept the big world before he is ready to find his home-sweet-home, but in the meantime this lawman sure would appreciate you sponsoring his stay at DogtownSA.
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Last updated on Monday, Jul 28 2014
My name is Zoey. My trainer calls me Zoerina. She tells me how much she loves me and that I will find even more people who feel the same. I am SO pretty and kind to people. I need a bit of work with being handled sometimes, as I get a bit nervous, but hey – a girls gotta be careful! One time, I went out to the vet, and met my first flower pot. At first I barked at it, but then I realised it wasn’t going to hurt me, so I pretended that I hadnt been barking at all! That’s ok isnt it? I like to bury my bones and chews and I love to learn new tricks and go walking. I am very good when I go out and don’t pull too much or bark too wildly at the other dogs. I love tearing up toys and balls, and enjoy a good romp. I came to DogTown from another shelter place, I was there for a long time. I think sometimes that maybe my special human just hasn’t had a chance to come spot me yet. Once that happens, I will be one happy lady! I may get along with some dogs… it depends on how I feel, but I would really prefer to be an only child. Maybe with just some friends to play sometimes. Could that special human be you?
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Last updated on Monday, Jun 23 2014
I am Zack. I am. I am also MUCH bigger than I look. Its just a trick of the light. You THINK I am small, but really I am huge. I have no idea why I am always looking at paws and shoes. I think that maybe I need special glasses or something. Plus I have enormous teeth. But I like eating the smallest doggie cubes....I dont get it. I LOVE my treats and really adore some people too. Some I feel just dont deserve my trust. Pfffft. Thats me. But I am learning a little bit every day. Some days I learn really fast. I call those "polony days", cos thats when my trainer sings the Polony song to me and I try hardest on those days. Mostly to stop her singing. But dont tell her that please. Someone hurt me once and I never forgot, so I feel really, really bad when I hurt people and so I try not too. I want to be patted SO MUCH, but sometimes I get a little afraid and the decide I really dont want to be patted after all. Then I change my mind and want it again. I am working on trying to be ok with this. I get along well with my room mates, Pat and George. I think they know that I am bigger than them or something. I am really looking for my special soul mate.......
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Last updated on Monday, May 12 2014
Well this is a little embarrassing. When my sister and I came into the centre we were inseparable, so bright sparks at the centre decided to call us Tom and Katie as we were a young happy couple. Well look how the human Tom and Katie ended. Facepalm. I'm really hoping Katie and I wont fall out of love, even though she bosses me around alot, I still love her to the moon and back. Before we came to the centre we were kind of just like ornaments in the back garden with a bit of food thrown out now and again :( Since coming to DogtownSA we know that's not how life is supposed to be but we still eat our food quickly just in case.It took us quite a while to trust and love humans but we love them sooo much now, especially when we show them our good manners because then we get treats and cuddles, whoop whoop. Ok, back to why I'm here Katie and I are looking for a pawsome family that will love us dearly and help us to learn how to live in a house with them as we have sadly NEVER lived in one or had a loving family :( Could you be the pawfect family for us, please contact adoptions@barkingmad.co.za. We really don't want this Tom and Katie to end up in splitsville so we are hoping for a family where we can go together :)
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Nico & Apache
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Last updated on Friday, May 02 2014
Nico I’m 12 months old as of April 2014, have a microchip so you can track me, am up-to-date with all my vaccinations and I’m neutered. I’m a very jovial character who is both friendly towards animals and humans. I like to play with my sister, enjoy the company of others, and I am quite a laid back boy with a docile nature. My favourite activity is to curl up on the couch next to my human and sleep. I am well house- and crate- trained and I attended Puppy 1 and 2 classes – I’m excellent with commands and love treats. Apache I’m 12 months old as of April 2014, have a microchip so you can track me, am up-to-date with all my vaccinations and I am spayed. I am a happy and boisterous puppy who likes people and I get on very well with my brother, Nico. I am loyal to those who love me and very affectionate to those whom I care about. I love to play with my brother, enjoy walks, and love to chew on my Zogoflex toys. I am well house- and crate- trained and I’m excellent with commands, having attended Puppy 1 and 2 classes.
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Last updated on Monday, May 05 2014
There's something about Katie that just makes you want to cuddle her.She says that she wants a family that will take her to play parks and go on walks, she loves her brother Tom so in an ideal world she would love a home with her boet. They went through a lot together being almost feral when they came into DogtownSA. They really didn't understand what human touch was all about but meeting them now you would never know as they love their humans now. Katie asks if you are the pawfect home for her please contact adoptions@barkingmad.co.za and if you can't adopt her maybe you could sponsor her until her forever family comes along <3
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Last updated on Monday, May 05 2014
Courage is an amazing dog whose name personifies this character. He sustained severe injuries to his hind leg which had been left untreated by his previous owners and needed major bone surgery. With the aid of steel plates and a stay at Doggie Paddle for hydrotherapy and rehabilitation he has made a remarkable recovery. Now at DogtownSA, when it is time to start walking the “furries” he will be the first one at his gate waiting excitedly for you to come and take him on his walk and into the play area where he can run and play with you off lead and enjoy all the new smells and see what messages there are to pick up. Being a typical man, he loves being made a fuss of and having a cuddle and a gentle brushing is just the cherry on top!!!! Courage is a bit of a loner and is happy with his own company, so would be much better as a single dog in his forever family.
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Last updated on Thursday, Jun 12 2014
My name is Hawkings, aka Hawkie. The people at Dogtown call me Hawks, Hawkie-pie, Hawkie Porks - I've learnt to listen out for all these nick-names, so that I score big time cuddles and treats. I am a special needs dog, because I am special. I had a little "run in" with a car (I thought I could take it on!) when I was younger, and this mishap slowed me down for a bit. A really cool dude called Picane saw me, noticed my brilliant potential, spark and jois de vive, and arranged for me to come to his work at Dogtown. I can do whatever any other dog does, and have not one, but TWO sets of wheels - what other pooch can claim that? Because I am so unique and amazing (oh and did I say handsome???) I get whatever I want - massage, brushing, food - and sometimes I even get carried around! I have my minions at Dogtown well trained!!! I am so clever that I am almost telepathic! I have to tell the other dogs how to behave sometimes, as they can be so - well - lower class at times - I mean really!!!
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Last updated on Friday, Aug 29 2014
Dog Town
LOCATION - JOHANNESBURG, Name: Simba (light brown) Age: 3 Breed: Labrador cross Bull dog Personality: Simba is a playful pup that enjoys playing fetch and a gentle wrestle from time to time. He loves long walks and yummy treats. Simba has just reached maturity and is now beginning to Find himself. Simba is an extremely intelligent dog and requires a stable loving home to take care of him and nurture his many talents. Story: Simba is rescue dog who was from an abusive home that cross bred dogs. The owners who rescued him were unable to keep him as they have moved to France and he is now looking for a nice warm home to settle down in. Simba has been inoculated and neutered. Adores children, gets along with domestic staff. Would need to be introduced to any canine family before homing. Although his previous owner had cats, we would still need to do a cat scan :-)
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Last updated on Wednesday, Aug 27 2014
Dog Town
LOCATION - CAPE TOWN, Unsterilised male Jack Russell found at the Bayside Café, Fish Hoek beach on 21st August, 2014. No collar or microchip. Please call Tears if this dog is your pet or if you know who he belongs to: 021 785 4482 or 071 864 4849
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URGENT APPEAL - Fallen Angels Adoption Days - ongoing
Last updated on Tuesday, Aug 05 2014
Dog Town
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BARKING NEWS - training trail
Last updated on Wednesday, Aug 28 2013
Dog Town

Training Trail

 DogtownSA has recently set up a Training Trail for all the special fur kids to learn how to be clever and  well -behaved.

The concept behind the trail is to teach the dogs some basic manners while the staff and  volunteers are giving  them their daily walks.   There are six basic stations where the handler will stop with their dogs,  read the instructions on the sign posts and then, using lots of treats like pieces of polony or Vienna sausages, teach the fur kids  the basic commands as shown on the posts. 

Level 3 volunteers are taught during their workshop how to implement these exercises and other pertinent  skills such as how to teach the dog not to pull whilst out walking.   These skills can also be used by the volunteers whilst interacting with their own dogs.

Apart from creating a more well mannered dog the interaction with the handler stimulates the dog and helps him/her to become more socialized and confident.

The first dog to officially go on the walking trail was one of our little puppies called Mary and she astonished us all at the speed at which she learnt how to execute all the basic instructions.   She also displayed a remarkable tenacity to try and hoodwink the handler into giving her an extra treat or two!!!

What also spurs the” littlies” on is that the handlers get so excited when they perform their  tasks so well  that they get even more treats and cuddles and as we all know – the more we all show just how much we love our dogs the more they want to please us.

Good manners makes the dogs more adoptable and the learning is fun for both the handler and the dogs.

The walking trail is a good mechanism to teach the dogs as they are learning basic manners without being in  a formal training class and it is hoped that the number of “task stations” can be increased in the near future, to include more advanced exercises.


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FUNDRAISING - Rainbow Nation Animals Fundraiser - 20/9
Last updated on Friday, Aug 22 2014
Dog Town
Join us for a fantastic show – “ 80’s Rewind ” , 4 course Food and Wine pairing dinner, and
experience true Red Carpet Treatment.
Get caught by the paparazzi as you arrive and cherish these memories for only R50.00 per
Raffles, auctions and so much more all in aid of these great charities!

WHERE - The Barnyard Theatre, Rivonia
WHEN - Saturday 20 September 2014
TIME - 18h30 for 19h00

R425 per person, excluding VAT
Or book your table of 6 - R2550 excluding VAT
Or book your table of 8 - R3400 excluding VAT
Contact Susan, Frances or Althea on 011 275 1699 or email: slaas@um.co.za
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Last updated on Wednesday, Nov 04 2009
Please can you put on your web site the current scam on teacup terriers, they say that they have moved to Botswana and just need the airfare to ship the puppy over. Once you have dep the money, they need more money for quarantine, This is big, I lost R3000.00, and found another three operators on gum tree, all basically saying the same thing.

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Featured Event:
Furry Feeders
Saturday, Sep 21 2013
Event Details
Last updated on Thursday, Jan 16 2014
Furry Feeders
Become a furry feeder of a BarkingMads/DogtownSA TODAY and help us feed the furkids. Your name will proudly be displayed on our Furry Feeder wall for all to see, just how pawsome you are :) PLEASE email pat@barkingmad.co.za
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Hi, my name is TOM
I am a Male - neutered Shepherd, Husky Blend. Would you like to sponsor me?

Click here to find out more
Last updated on Monday, May 12 2014
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Show your support
Right from the beginning don’t let the puppy make mistakes, just one mistake is the beginning of a habit forming and it also scent marks the area and no matter what cleaning methods you use, the dog will always be drawn the that area again (Ian Dunbar)
House soiling is an example of a natural behaviour just happening in the wrong place.
Once again here we want to reward the good behaviour and ignore the bad behaviour. So when pup is out in the garden and relieves himself in his designated area we want to be there with yummy treats to reward him for doing such a good job. He will start to learn that when I go to the toilet at this spot I get treats, I must come back here why would I waste going to the toilet inside then I don’t get treats. Plus puppy has also marked his scent on this spot so it will naturally draw him to this spot. Offer graduated rewards for closeness to his designated area. If puppy just runs outside and relieves himself give him a small treat, as he relieves closer to the ideal spot up the amount of treats so in essence we are marking the spot where we would ideally like him to  relieve himself and as he realises that the closer to the spot he is the more treats he gets it only makes sense for him to get as close to the spot as possible. Never understate rewards for eliminating in the right place.
Timing is the most effective tool when house training, it relies a lot on your ability to recognise when your pup needs to relieve himself. Then you can direct your puppy to the correct spot and the rewards can begin. Short term confinement allows us to to be  more accurate in our prediction. When our puppy is confined to a small area he is temporarily (+- 90 mins) inhibited from relieving himself as he wouldn’t want to mess in his sleeping area this will generally make the puppy want to go and relieve himself immediately once he has been released from his confined area. When home keep puppy on leash or in his confinement area. EVERY hour release your puppy and guide him outside to go and relieve himself to his designated area, in the beginning you can keep him on leash while you guide him to his spot while giving the command “outside” just get there quickly as the poor little guy will probably be bursting to go and also the quicker we move the less likely he will stop and have a sniff at the wrong spot. Once you reach the spot give your dog a command “Go pee” give your pup +- 3minutes to relieve himself. Once puppy has relieved himself in the right spot HUGE rewards are due, Good boy, cuddle and treats and play, our pup needs to feel like he just won the gold medal at the Olympics that’s how good his performance just was.
If puppy does not relieve himself, don’t worry just take him back inside to his confined area for another hour and try again 1 hour later eventually puppy will relive himself and he will get his HUGE reward and puppy will quickly learn the pattern “outside” “go pee” HUGE reward and a good habit will form. Now your puppy will want relive himself when and where you want. We must remember that puppies are not 100% reliable until they are 6 months old but as long as we set them up for success and reward the appropriate behaviour a simple “outside” verbal command is all that is needed if we catch our little one about to eliminate in the wrong place, the tone of our voice lets our pup know he is about to make a mistake and the word “outside” gives him the instruction of where he must go. We must NEVER use physical punishment the last thing we need is for our pup to be scared to relieve himself when we are around this will just make him be more discreet on where he eliminates himself, and make house training a nightmare. Also if by chance puppy does relieve himself in the home, just clean it up, there is no way the pup will connect you shouting at him to the little puddle he made sometime during the day, he will just learn that when you get home he better go and get out of your way because you are not great person to be around. Remember we don’t want to imply to our pup that going to the toilet is a bad thing, we just need to teach him that we humans like to have designated area to go to the toilet.
REWARD good behaviour IGNORE bad behaviour.
Happy training