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Hi, my name is Chucky
I am a Male - neutered Labrador.

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Last updated on Friday, Jul 25 2014
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Hi, my name is Spencer
I am a Male Yorkshire Terrier. I have found my new home.

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Last updated on Tuesday, Jul 29 2014
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Hi, my name is Coco
I am a Female - spayed Doberman X. I have been Homed.

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Last updated on Monday, Jul 28 2014
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HOMES NEEDED - Last updated on Thursday, Jan 06 2011 (Added on Thursday, Jan 06 2011)

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About me

The following dogs are all being cared for at an “interim” shelter in Port Elizabeth. They have all either been confiscated, picked up as strays, abandoned or born in the shelter. We need to get them out of the kennels into loving homes AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. FEMALE MIN. PIN. Abandoned outside the “shelter” last Tuesday morning (5 October 2010). She was VERY SCARED. She is tiny and still very young. She is suffering from a little bit of mange, but has already started treatment for this. Could you offer this tiny girl a space in your heart? MOMMY & PUP This mommy and her male puppy are pining for a loving home. It took a lot of encouragement for Mommy to come out from where she was hiding in the kennel at the back, but once she experienced a bit of love and attention, she could not get enough. Puppy is more adventurous and curious. He just had to come look at what was happening outside. It broke my heart to leave them there. PLEASE OPEN YOUR HEART & HOME TO THEM. FEMALE PUPPY This playful girl is full of energy and absolutely loves her belly rubs. She is about 4 months old and was born at the “shelter”. All her siblings have found homes already. Please help her find her loving family too. Should you need any further information on any of these beautiful dogs OR would like to meet any of them, kindly contact Rose on 041 – 506 1743 (office hours) OR 072 286 2908. Alternatively, you can e-mail me on: nicky.daniels@damelin.co.za Re-location to another town/city will be considered. Spaying / neutering & vaccinations will be arranged upon adoption. Please help us help them!
Type: Dog
Breed: Mixed Breed
Age: various
Gender: Male / Female
Location: Port Elizabeth
Contact: Rose on 041 – 506 1743 (office hours) OR 072 286 2908
Age Group: Puppy
Pet Size: Medium
Email Address: nicky.daniels@damelin.co.za
Contact Website:

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Saints Charity shop
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Last updated on Monday, Mar 18 2013

Remember to pop on down to the SAINTS charity shop with any of your good quality 2nd hand stuff and help us raise much needed funds. Also a great place to shop for some awesome gifts at fantastic prices.
The type of items in demand are good quality 2nd hand clothing and shoes, household goods (linen, towels, plates, decor items) working pc’s, radios, TV’s, 2nd hand cell phones etc..

And DVD'S they are currently the best sellers so if you have dvds in your cupboards gathering dust, get them on down to the shop :)

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Hi, my name is THANDI
I am a Female - spayed Collie Blend. Would you like to sponsor me?

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Last updated on Thursday, May 15 2014
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Have someone hold your puppy, show pup your YUMMY treat and then move away from your puppy.
Start in an enclosed area with no distractions. Bend down and wriggle the food in front of you towards the puppy and call your pup with a happy and excited voice  “pups name, COME” Praise your puppy the whole time he moves towards you, what a good boy you’re such a clever puppy. When he reaches you give him a huge hug and your yummy treats, make sure you can gently handle his collar while he is with you in case you would need to quickly put him on leash, then release the puppy with the command “GO PLAY”
We are establishing a pattern here. When I say come and you move towards me really good things happen. Remember to ALWAYS say the word “COME” in a happy excited voice that your dog will want to come to you, never say “COME” in anger. We don’t want our pups to be fearful of coming to us.

The faster the puppy comes to you the bigger the reward should be. He will quickly learn that the quicker he gets to you the better the reward.
Start to use everyday opportunities in the home to practice like when it’s feeding time, while you are cooking dinner.
Repeat this exercise until you see he is coming 10/10 of the times.
Once we have the “COME” understood by the dog we up the criteria, this means when  he is coming to you 10/10 times in your enclosed area.
We increase the criteria by:  
1. Increasing the distance,
2. Adding distractions
3. Changing the environment.

Ie: If you are increasing distance don’t have distractions at first and don’t start this new criteria in the park.

Once you have managed to increase the distance in a safe enclosed area, start adding distractions but decrease the distance. Slowly build up the distance again.
Then it’s time to take the show on the road. We are now changing the environment, so distance and distractions must go back to their 1st steps. We will now start to increase our distance 1st in our new environment. Once we have our “COME” at a distance in the park we will begin to add distractions, once again as we will now take our distance back to the beginning stage and slowly build up the distance with distractions.
ALWAYS make it an incredibly enjoyable exercise for your dog. NEVER shout or reprimand your pup if he doesn’t come just lower your criteria to last point he was successful and build up again slowly. ALWAYS put SAFETY FIRST, when you move to different environments, work with your dog on a long lead at first, so there is no chance your dog could run away.
This is one of the most important exercises your dog can learn, and it can be life saving.
Happy safe training.