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Hi, my name is Faye & Breena
I am a Female - spayed Chihuahua.

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Last updated on Monday, Sep 08 2014
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Hi, my name is Zorra
I am a Female - spayed Chinchilla. I have found my new home.

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Last updated on Wednesday, Sep 10 2014
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Hi, my name is Buster
I am a Male Shepherd Mix. I have been Homed.

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Last updated on Monday, Sep 15 2014
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When you adopt a dog you are pawsitively saving a life. Sharing your life with an animal companion is a life enriching experience. There are so many abandoned animals that are desperately in need of a loving and forever home. Find the perfect dog for you as you take a look at all these available dogs looking to become a part of your family.

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 NameBreedGenderAge GroupAgeLocationLost and FoundDate AddedDate Last Updated
LAUREL German Shepherd BlendMale - neuteredAdultDOB: August 2013Johannesburg No 2014/09/192014/09/19
Garfield Scottish TerrierMale - neuteredAdult3Cape town No 2014/09/192014/09/19
Mutsie AfricanisFemale - spayedAdultadult Cape town No 2014/09/192014/09/19
Max LabradorMale - neuteredAdult2.5Johannesburg No 2014/09/192014/09/19
Stompie StaffieMale - neuteredAdult9Cape town No 2014/09/192014/09/19
Abby LabradorFemale - spayedAdult15 monthsEastern Cape No 2014/07/252014/09/19
Kheera & Duke LabradorMale / FemaleAdult4 & 3Port Elizabeth No 2014/06/232014/09/19
Seba & Bella LabradorMale / FemaleAdultadult Cape town No 2014/09/192014/09/19
Jazmin LabradorFemale - spayedAdult3Port Elizabeth No 2014/09/192014/09/19
Simba Labrador X BulldogMale - neuteredAdult3Johannesburg No 2014/04/292014/09/19
Breeze AfricanisFemale - spayedAdultyoung adult Cape town No 2014/09/192014/09/19
Aragon LabradorMale - neuteredAdult4Cape town No 2014/09/192014/09/19
Jet Labrador XMale - neuteredPuppy10 months Cape town No 2014/08/152014/09/19
Pandora Labrador XFemale - spayedAdult6Cape town No 2014/06/232014/09/19
Toby RetrieverMale - neuteredAdult2Cape town No 2014/07/252014/09/19
Bruno & Amber LabradorMale / FemaleAdult9Cape town No 2014/07/252014/09/19
MISSING - Killer Min PinMaleAdult2Cape town Yes 2014/09/192014/09/19
MISSING - Stitch Spaniel X CollieMalePuppyunder 6 months Cape town Yes 2014/09/192014/09/19
Tobi TerrierMaleAdultadult Cape town No 2014/09/192014/09/19
Orphan Boy Terrier XMaleAdult4Johannesburg No 2014/09/192014/09/19