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Hi, my name is Tara
I am a Female - spayed Pug X.

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Last updated on Thursday, Oct 23 2014
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Hi, my name is Airfield Labrador
I am a Female Labrador. I have found my new home.

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Last updated on Monday, Oct 06 2014
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Hi, my name is Noble
I am a Male Min Pin X Dachshund. I have been Homed.

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Last updated on Saturday, Oct 18 2014
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When you adopt a dog you are pawsitively saving a life. Sharing your life with an animal companion is a life enriching experience. There are so many abandoned animals that are desperately in need of a loving and forever home. Find the perfect dog for you as you take a look at all these available dogs looking to become a part of your family.

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 NameBreedGenderAge GroupAgeLocationLost and FoundDate AddedDate Last Updated
BOBBY Labrador / Terrier BlendMale - neuteredAdultDOB: 2010Johannesburg No 2014/07/082014/10/23
Vivvi & Niko Sphynx, SiameseMale / FemaleAdultadult Johannesburg No 2014/10/232014/10/23
FOUND - Pretoria North AfricanisMale / FemaleAdultyoung adult Pretoria Yes 2014/10/232014/10/23
MISSING - Lucy DomesticFemale - spayedAdultadult Cape town Yes 2014/10/232014/10/23
Nino Terrier BlendMale - neuteredPuppy10 months Port Elizabeth No 2014/10/232014/10/23
Tara Pug XFemale - spayedAdult2Pretoria No 2014/10/232014/10/23
Maximus & Sebastian Rottweiler, BassetMaleAdult1Johannesburg No 2014/10/162014/10/23
Rex & Jessica BoerboelMale / FemaleAdult4 & 2Johannesburg No 2014/10/232014/10/23
Epping Pekes PekeMale / FemaleAdult3Cape town No 2014/10/232014/10/23
Jumper Border CollieMale - neuteredAdult2Johannesburg No 2014/10/232014/10/23
Nova Border CollieMale - neuteredAdult18 months Johannesburg No 2014/10/232014/10/23
MISSING - Roxy & Friend Border CollieFemalePuppy8 months Cape town Yes 2014/10/232014/10/23
Carmen & Blaze Labrador X, German Shepherd XMale / FemaleAdult5 & 4Johannesburg No 2014/09/092014/10/23
AWS PE DomesticMale / FemaleAdultadult Port Elizabeth No 2014/10/232014/10/23
Bobbi Staffie XMalePuppy1Port Elizabeth No 2014/10/232014/10/23
MISSING - Sox DomesticFemaleAdultadult KwaZulu-Natal Yes 2014/10/232014/10/23
MISSING - Luke RetrieverMaleAdult8Cape town Yes 2014/10/232014/10/23
MISSING - Gemma Fox Terrier XFemaleAdultadult Johannesburg Yes 2014/09/162014/10/23
MISSING - Stuart DomesticMale - neuteredAdult18 months Johannesburg Yes 2014/10/152014/10/23
MISSING - Rocky Jack Russell XMale - neuteredAdult5Johannesburg Yes 2014/10/232014/10/23